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Work with Ron


Contact & Work with Ron Sutton Direct: People like to say Ron is not the best guy to advise you on air conditioner duct rings or interior styles.  But if you want to make your Autocross, Pro-Touring Car, Race Car or Road Course Track Car perform better ... Ron is the absolute best guy.

"The Good, Bad & Ugly Promise" from Ron Sutton

The Good: Ron Sutton & Dave Hanson have DECADES of Race & Championship winning experience.  Ron has 38 years of car design, car building, driving & crew chief experience, knowledge & technical expertise. Dave has over 30 years of racing experience in various race team roles in stock cars, Trans Am, Daytona Prototypes & American LeMans.  Their experience & advice are included at no charge if you're a client buying parts from RSRT.  When you call for Parts or Tech Support Dave answers the phone.  Ron gets involved with your car design and/or suspension consultation.  You call & talk directly to Dave Hanson or Ron Sutton ... sometimes both. Ron & Dave work directly with RSRT clients providing technical support, advice & guidance for brakes, wheels, chassis design, suspension set-up, aero, safety, engines & drivetrain. 

Relationship: Don't you hate it when you get a different person each time you call? Especially after you explained your project to one person. Here, you work with Ron & Dave together on your project every time.  They build a file for your build & keep notes on your project for your next conversation.  Your purchase history is stored too.  Ron says, "Of course we're human, forget stuff & don't carry your file around with us on the road.  But here, it's all about you & your project ... and of course the 100 or so other client projects we have going at any time."

Dave_Hanson___Medium.jpgObjectivity:  Ron is adamant about, "We won't "sell you" anything.  We promise to offer you objective advice & guide you to the right parts & package you really need.  Nothing else.  Many times there are several brands with performance differences.  Other times the only real difference is price.  We consider our job is to be objective & provide you with all the key information for you to make smart, informed decisions. But in the end, all the choices are yours. We take our role of helping you achieve your goals seriously. Your satisfaction & our reputation are at stake. Think of us as your personal performance consultants."

More Good: In addition to our own line of products ... over 3000 parts in our 412 page catalog HERE ... RSRT also offers 600 top brands that can usually ship the same day.  We get it that money matters ... and therefore prices matter ... almost all products we offer are at same prices, or very close, to the huge online sellers like Jeg's & Summit.  In addition to great prices, we offer a full line of Ron Sutton Race Technology suspension products & kits, brakes, engines, shocks & trick parts to build your own AutoX-Star, AutoX-Warrior, Track-Star or Track-Warrior.  Plus advanced technology & high level technical support not available other places.

Pros & Cons: Jeg's & Summit are good companies.  There are pros & cons in buying from them or RSRT.  We're certainly not huge company like them.  Ron Sutton Race Technology is Race Technology from Ron Sutton.  Dave Hanson works with you (& Ron) to figure out your needs & process your parts orders.  So it's the two of them helping you with your car or truck project.  Working with a small & personal company like ours has its advantages & disadvantages.  Ron states ...

  • We will get to know you & your project & provide you with top technical advice. 
  • Dave Hanson is here to get you whatever you need in a timely fashion.
  • I'm not always available to answer the phone or respond quickly. Thank goodness Dave is!
  • We will help guide you on the best product for your personal goals ... but we may be a couple pennies higher.

The Bad: Ron says, "There is only one of me to optimize suspensions and design cars ... and my schedule & work load varies.  Now with Dave on board, it has freed me up to focus on optimizing suspensions and designing cars.  Designs can still take a month or two.  But Suspension Optimizations are taking less than 2 weeks after you measure your car.

I'm (Ron) at extension 3.  If you leave me a voice message or email me ... and I don't respond right away ... it's because I'm knee deep in design work or suspension optimizations.  One message is enough ... I got it ... and will respond when I can. It may be a few days or a week. Please be patient.  If you need some parts or quick answers, Dave Hanson is your guy. Call him at extension 1 & he will get you handled."  

The Ugly:  When we were smaller ... shipping only happened once or twice a week.  Now we ship out everyday.  We can't ship 24/7 like Summit & Jegs.  But if you get your order into Dave before 2pm, we can usually ship it the same day.  We have a LOT of inventory in stock in our warehouse.  So if it is a Ron Sutton Race Technology product, there is usually plenty on the shelf.  Non RSRT parts can often ship the same day too ... from our alliance warehouse or the manufacturer we're direct with.  Custom or made to order products take longer of course. Placing parts orders is easy with Dave ... along with getting the tech support & advice you need.

Who We Work Best with?

  • Performance focused Pro-Touring, Autocross, Road Course Track Day & Race "Car Guys"
  • Professional Car Builders, Home Fabricators & Race Shops
  • Racers & Teams - From Grassroots Sportsman to Top Pros

Great Performance Results:
"I assure you the tech support, advice & your improved performance results are THE reason to work with us over all other options.  It's a bold claim, but I believe we can assist you to handle better, stop better, perform better and win more ... than almost any other option available to you."

 - Ron Sutton


We hope to work with you on all of your car related projects & appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  Ron Sutton

Contact Information:

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