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Motorsports Marketing

Winner’s Circle Motorsports Marketing
7-Step Consulting Package

WCMM-Logo - 400 Pixels_1.jpgMotorsports Marketing Consulting Services - $4,500 + 2%
Key Point: I represent your company, not the race teams.

Step 1:  Marketing through Motorsports Training Meetings
             * For Marketing Execs, CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.

Step 2:  Consultation @ your market, brand, goals & sales objectives

Step 3:  Evaluation of merit, ROI effectiveness & budget

Step 4:  Introduction to top Cup Teams in professional Stock Car Racing
             * Top Cup Team Shop Tours, key people meet & greet

Step 5:  Race event visits
             * See how other successful companies do it
             * Hospitality, B2B, Direct to Consumer

Step 6:  Meetings with Team Marketing Execs
             * Discuss strategies
             * Understand alliance potential
             * Evaluate opportunities

Matt_Kenseth_Drives_Resers_No_18_Toyota___400_Pixels.jpgStep 7:  Final ROI analysis, report & recommendations

(Right) Ron Sutton represented Reser's Fine Foods, introducing them to top teams in NASCAR.  Reser's partnered with Joe Gibbs Racing starting in 2013 to today, where there Reser's "At Track Activation" & B2B marketing has paid huge dividends.  

Want a consultation with Ron?  Contact Ron Sutton direct:
Click HERE to email Ron Sutton to discuss your exact needs, goals & objectives. 
If you prefer, Call or text:  (916) 834-8051

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