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Medium-Ron_1.jpgThink of me as your personal performance consultant. My 35 years of race winning experience, knowledge & technical expertise are included at no charge if you're a client buying the parts from me. When you call or text (916) 834-8051 … that’s my cell phone … you’re communicating directly with me.  If you send a message, I respond personally when I’m available.  I work directly with my clients providing parts & technical support for brakes, wheels, chassis design, suspension set-up, aero, safety, engines & drivetrain. 

You work with me every time.  I build a file for each of my clients & keep notes on your project for our next conversation.  Your purchase history is stored in my computer too.  Of course I don't carry your file around with me on the road.  But when working with me, it's all about you & your project.

 I have organized my advice & services into sections to help make things clear & understandable …

 Tech & Tuning Advice at No Charge to My Clients:

  • Advice on any part of suspension set-up
  • Advice on any part of chassis building
  • Advice on any part of engine package & function
  • Advice on any part of brake set-up
  • Advice on tuning for any handling condition
  • Advice on tuning for any engine situation


Fee Based Services for My Clients:

  • Geometry Calculations & Optimum Work-Outs
  • Suspension TRS, Spring & Bar Rate Calculations & Optimum Work-Outs
  • Engine Calculations & Optimum Work-Outs
  • Brake Calculations & Optimum Work-Outs
  • Chassis, Frame and/or Cage Designs
  • Shop Day to Set-up Your Car and/or Training
  • Track Day for Coaching, Suspension Tuning, etc
  • Dyno Day for Optimizing Your Engine Fuel & Ignition Curves

 You can see all 57 of “Calc & Work-out” Tech services … and the 14 “Day Based Services” … along with fees & details … HERE.

Product Development:
I often develop individual parts, complete suspensions, powertain packages or entire car designs for companies to resell or pro race teams to duplicate for all their team cars. If you have a project you want developed, let’s talk & see if it is in my wheelhouse. If it is, I may be able to help you get there quicker, without taking you or your people off task. Get more info HERE

Race Marketing:
Twenty years ago, motorsports marketing was a questionable proposition. Today, there is no question if it works. It is a viable channel to a large target audience.  The question is … is it right for your company. The answer varies widely. Even for the companies it makes sense for … to achieve a good ROI … the right strategies must be employed. I assist large corporations learn, get connected & evaluate professional car racing as a form of marketing for their entire company or a specific product line or brand. The process & fee structure is HERE.

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