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Track Warrior

Track Warrior

57_Track_Warrior.jpgTo combine cutting edge racing chassis design, modern high travel/low roll suspension set-ups, proven aerodynamics & hardcore engine power levels that performs on the level of Trans Am & GT1 cars … with a high level of safety, simple track tunability & low maintenance … in a lightweight, easy to drive, unique muscle car body package for fun driving experiences, recreational racing & track days.

Standard Chassis Features:

  • Ultra rigid, triangulated, tubular racing chassis (Chromoly & DOM) – new Ron Sutton design.
  • GT1 style long double wishbone control arm front suspension – Ron Sutton design.
  • Extreme High-Travel/Low-Roll suspension setup by Ron Sutton.
  • KPI, camber & caster geometry for full front tire contact patches in dynamic conditions.
  • Zero Scrub Radius with RSRT big bearing aluminum hubs & special spindle geometry.
  • HD Dual Servo Racing Rack & Pinion Steering with Hydraulic Power Assist.
  • Trans Am style offset, decoupled 3-link rear suspension for zero torque steer.
  • Choice of adjustable Watt’s link or dual side adjustment panhard bar.
  • JRI triple adjustable shocks with Ron Sutton high zero #, digressive valving & high grip technology.
  • Draco high tech racing springs made with 9000 series spring steel.
  • Advanced bump stop set-up engineered by Ron Sutton.
  • RSRT/Speedway Engineering splined hollow anti-roll bars 1.75” front & 1.125” rear.
  • Adjustable Chromoly front & aluminum rear sway bar arms.

Choice of Standard Engines:

  • Ford Racing 427 (aluminum Z351 block) … 600HP
  • Mast/GM LS3 Aluminum 416 … EFI 600HP
  • Mopar Gen-III Aluminum Hemi 426 … EFI 600HP
  • All with low maintenance hydraulic roller cams.
  • All run on 92 octane unleaded fuel.
  • Built in sealed fresh air induction system with K&N Air Filter system.
  • Aluminum dual pass radiator with shroud for optimum cooling.
  • Temperature & switch controlled dual electric fans.
  • Engine oil cooler mounted for optimum cooling.
  • Custom built headers for optimum torque curve & upper rpm power.
  • 3” dual exhaust TUNED with X-over & H-pipe for optimum torque curve & upper rpm power.

Standard Drivetrain Features:

  • Legend LGT -700 Road Race 5-speed transmission w/Carbon Kevlar Syncros.
  • SFI rated steel bellhousing.
  • Lightweight, racing dual disc clutch & flywheel, hydraulically operated.
  • 3” balanced DOM driveshaft with forged yokes & 1350 racing series u-joints.
  • Strange lightweight nodular iron 3rd member with large bearings.
  • Billet aluminum Daytona pinion support with large Timken bearings.
  • Speedway Engineering Floater Rear End, HD 31-spline axles & drive plates.
  • Detroit soft locker with soft locker springs & gear ratio of choice.

Standard Safety Features:

  • Track_Warrior___Side_View_500_Pixels.jpgUltra strong cockpit cage design & materials – 1.75" x .095” Chromoly.
  • Main hoop & roof hoops fit tightly to body for maximum driver room & protection.
  • Proper safety clearance for driver helmet from roll cage tubes.
  • SFI approved profiled roll bar padding.
  • Triple triangulated door bars for optimum side impact protection.
  • Crush zones designed in front & rear.
  • Triple level safety fuel cell with cage, metal shell & bladder.
  • Fuel cell capacity choices of 12, 16, 22 & 32 Gallons.
  • Dual chromoly driveshaft containment loops.
  • Quality race plumbing for all fluids. Fuel & oil lines routed encased in metal.
  • Onboard DuPont FE36 fire suppression system with nozzles for cockpit, fuel cell & engine area.
  • Electrical cutoff master switch easily accessible.
  • HD vibration resistant switches & high quality wiring routed for no-chaffing.
  • Track_Warrior___Top_View_500_Pixels.jpgButlerbuilt full containment racing seat sized for driver.
  • Functional brake lights.
  • High center brake light.
  • Ergonomic cockpit layout with steering location & seat mounting custom fitted to driver. (adjustable for other drivers)
  • 5-point adjustable racing harness.
  • Adjustable arm restraint system.
  • Quick release steering wheel for quick & easy exits.
  • Steering column collapsible on front end impacts.
  • Nomex shifter boot.
  • Interior fully sealed from drivetrain & exhaust.
  • External fresh filtered air system for driver.
  • Impact resistant Lexan safety glass.
  • All suspension & steering rod ends are Chromoly, not mild steel.
  • All suspension & steering hardware is Grade 8, AN or Chromoly.
  • All suspension components, ball joints, bearings & hubs are XHD to handle high-g loads.

Standard Interior Features:

  • Aluminum floor & interior panels.
  • Driver seat & seat cover – adjustable.
  • Steering column telescoping & height adjustable.
  • Removable fiberglass dash.
  • Joe’s Lightweight removable steering wheel.
  • Digital gauges & data acquisition display.
  • Wilwood dual pedal assembly.
  • Light aluminum shift lever.
  • Standard Body Features:
  • Lightweight fiberglass body in over 40 different models.
  • Level 1 body fit & finish (race car quality).
  • Fiberglass hood & deck lid open on lightweight hinges.
  • Hood, front end & deck lid are removable with smooth push button mini quik-latches.
  • Doors are removable with quick pins.

Exterior Design:

  • Our graphic designer develops a custom design car rendering for you, with your input on wheels, colors & design.
  • Car is fully wrapped with a quality vinyl wrap to match your custom rendering.


Body Styles:
55 Chevy Full Size
55 Chevy 9/10 Scale – Standard Nose
55 Chevy 9/10 Scale – Aero nose & body
55 Chevy Nomad Full Size
55 Ford Crown Vic– Ground FX & Aero nose
55 Ford Thunderbird
56 Chevy Full Size
56 Chevy 9/10 Scale – Aero nose & body
57 Chevy Full Size
57 Chevy 9/10 Scale – Standard Nose & Trim
57 Chevy 9/10 Scale – Aero nose & body
57 Ford Coupe
57 Ford Coupe 9/10 Scale
57 Thunderbird
57 Thunderbird – Ground FX & Aero nose
58 Plymouth Fury 9/10 Scale - Aero nose
62-65 Chevy II
62-65 Chevy II - Ground FX & Aero nose
63 Corvette split window
64-66 Mustang Fastback
66-67 Chevelle
67 Chevy Nova
67 Chevy Nova - Ground FX & Aero nose
67-68 Camaro
67-68 Camaro - Ground FX
67-68 Camaro - Ground FX & Aero nose
55_T_Bird_Track_Warrior.jpg67-68 Mustang Fastback
67-68 Mustang Fastback – GT500
67-68 Mustang Fastback – Wide body
67-68 Mustang Fastback - Eleanor
67-68 Mustang Fastback - Ground FX
67-68 Mustang FB - Ground FX & Aero nose
67 Pontiac GTO
67-68 Pontiac Firebird
68-72 Chevy Nova
69 Camaro
69 Camaro - Ground FX
69 Camaro - Ground FX & Aero nose
69 Mustang Fastback Boss
69 Mustang Fastback Boss – Ground FX
69 Pontiac Firebird
69 Pontiac Trans Am
70-73 Camaro
70 Chevelle SS
71-72 Chevelle SS
70 Mustang Fastback Boss
70 Mustang Fastback Boss – Ground FX
70-73 Firebird
70-73 Formula
70-73 Trans Am
74-77 Ford Maverick
78-81 Camaro
78-81 Camaro Z-28
78-81 Camaro - Aero Nose
SS_Track_Warrior.jpg81-88 Monte Carlo SS
81-88 Regal/Grand National
81-88 Oldsmobile Cutlass/Hurst
82-92 Camaro IROC-Z - Ground FX
82-92 Pontiac Trans Am - Ground FX
88-2000 Chevy/GMC C1500 ½ Ton Truck
91-96 Corvette
93-2000 Camaro
93-2000 Pontiac Firebird
94-2004 Mustang
1997-2004 Corvette
2005-20013 Corvette
2005-2012 Mustang
2005-2012 Mustang - Ground FX
2005-2012 Mustang - Ground FX & Aero nose
2013 Camaro 108”
2013 Camaro 104” Wide Body
2013 Dodge Challenger 108”
2013 Mustang 108”
2013 Mustang 104” Wide Body

Specifications Vary by Body Style:

  • Wheelbase: 104”-115”
  • Track width: 55”-64”
  • Tread width: 67”-76”
  • Roof height: 48”-54”
  • Weight: 2700# +/-

Standard Brake, Wheel & Tire Features:

  • New design Wilwood “Aerolite” large piston area 6-piston brake calipers in front.
  • 13” x 1.25” WIDE Spec-37 iron high heat road race rotors with curved vanes for cooling.
  • Wilwood Superlite 4-piston brake calipers w/12.19”x1” Spec-37 iron rotors in rear.
  • Dual Wilwood lightweight master cylinders with adjustable front/rear brake bias
  • RSRT progressive rear brake system (allows driving car in deeper, safely).
  • Lightweight Formula 43 racing wheels in your choice of styles.
  • With 315 tires: 18” x 12” wheels in front & rear for optimum grip on road courses. 
  • Optional 18” x 11” wheels in rear for optimum rear tire slip angle & increased rear steer for autocross.
  • With 335 tires: 18” x 13” wheels in front & rear for optimum grip on road courses. 
  • Optional 18” x 12” wheels in rear for optimum rear tire slip angle & increased rear steer for autocross.
  • Choice of Hoosier R6/R7 or A6/A7 competition tires in 315/30ZR18 or 335/30ZR18 on all four corners.

Standard Aerodynamic Features:

  • Maximized front & rear downforce for increased traction & cornering speeds.
  • Minimized drag & turbulence with smooth body, shaved handles & flush glass.
  • Functional front splitter, combined with high travel front end, effectively reduces airflow getting under the car, creating high degree of front downforce & turning ability.
  • Additional front end downforce created top side with smooth hood & scoop.
  • Rear wing/spoiler adjustable with attack angle & 3 included wicker bills to balance the downforce for comfortable, confident & stable high speed handling.
  • Reduced “roll under” airflow on sides of body with side splitters.
  • Dramatically reduced lift with full length, smooth undercar belly pan (removable).
  • Increased downforce plus decreased drag & turbulence via rear diffuser.
  • Effective heat extracting vents behind front wheels so not to disturb airflow over car.
  • Optimized cooling ducted from grille to radiator, coolers & brakes.
  • NACA ducts feeding cool air to driver & rear brakes.


Quick & Easy Tuning Features:

  • Rear roll center adjustment in seconds.
  • Tune compression or rebound shock valving easily with knobs.
  • Easy rear wing/spoiler angle adjustments to fine tune the downforce balance.
  • Interchangeable wicker bills for rear wing/spoiler for large adjustments.
  • Adjustable ride height - go from 3” to 5” of frame clearance with no loss in shock travel.
  • Rear wheel spacers allow quick track width adjustments.

Standard Technology Features:

  • RSRT solid state digital gauge system for water & oil temp, rpms & lap times with 100 lap memory, programmable shift lights & pre-programmed warning lights.
  • Onboard GPS satellite based data acquisition system with digital dash readout, dual g-force sensors, track mapping, rpm, speed, lap times, segment speeds & segment times.
  • Sensors installed for driver development include throttle, steering & braking.
  • Software for data acquisition is included. We’ll install it on your laptop for you.
  • Modern fuse panel & fully labeled wiring.

Standard Tech Support:

  • The Track Warrior comes ready to drive, completely assembled, aligned, scaled, balanced, bump steered, geometry set, leak checked & ready to run from Ron Sutton Race Technology.
  • Your Track Warrior comes with a complete suspension set-up sheet with every specification of your individual car.
  • Ron Sutton Race Technology provides you with a simple, easy to understand quick tuning guide to cover almost every track & handling condition with clear tuning instructions.
  • We provide you with a package of simple front & rear suspension set-ups that are quick & easy to set … that Ron Sutton has already worked out … to optimize your performance on different types of tracks. It will have settings for tight, medium & large autocross courses along with tight, medium & large road courses, along with tips for tracks with more left or right turns.
  • Ron Sutton will personally attend your first track day … anywhere in the nation … and help you get comfortable and up to speed quickly & safely. He will train you on the using the tuning guide, the set-up sheets, driving the track, tuning the suspension & reading the data acquisition. Travel expenses are extra, local tracks are no charge.
  • Ron Sutton will be available to you by phone, text & email for one year of 1-on-1 tech support.

Easy Service & Repairs:

  • All powertrain, brakes, wheels, suspension & steering components readily available from RSRT & other dealers.
  • Replacement front & rear clips available to be installed by RSRT or most chassis shops.
  • Replacement body panels available to be installed by RSRT or most fiberglass body shops.
  • RSRT Authorized Installation Centers are on the East Coast, Central, Midwest & West Coast.

Complete Track Warrior Price & Terms

  • $149,500 (USD) for the standard Track Warrior as outlined above.
  • This is subject to change, so contact Ron Sutton for current pricing & terms.
  • Six of the 74 bodies have an upcharge. Otherwise all bodies are included in the standard price.
  • Options below are additional and quoted on a per client basis.
  • A down payment is 50% and secures the start & completion date.
  • The second payment of 25% is due halfway through the build, typically 4 to 6 months.
  • The final payment of 25% is due upon completion of car, regardless of pick up date.
  • We offer a 12 month build guarantee. If the car is not completed in 12 months, we pay you $100 per day late fee.


Ford Engine Options – for 92 Octane Gasoline:

  • Ford 5.0L Coyote Aluminator XS EFI … 550+ HP
  • Roush/Ford Coyote Aluminator XS 5.0SC/EFI … 600++ HP
  • Shafiroff Racing 427◊ (Boss 351 block) Carb or EFI … 650± HP
  • Edelbrock/Ford Coyote Aluminator XS 5.0SC/EFI … 700+ HP
  • Ford Racing 2014 Coyote Cobra Jet 5.0SC/EFI … 750+ HP

Ford Engine Options – for 110 Octane Gasoline, E77, E85, E90 or Methanol:

  • Schmidt Racing/Dart Ford 377R◊ … 700± HP
  • Schmidt Racing/Dart Ford 427R◊ … 800± HP
  • Schmidt Racing/Dart Ford 436R◊ … 850± HP
  • Roush-Yates 410R (RY45 aluminum block & heads) … 850± HP
  • Roush-Yates 436R (RY45 aluminum block & heads) … 900± HP

GM Engine Options – for 92 Octane Gasoline:

  • Shafiroff Racing Ultrastreet 409W Aluminum 509 … 625 HP
  • RSRT/GM Aluminum LS7 440 … 675± HP
  • RSRT/GM LSX 454 … 700± HP
  • RSRT/GM LSX 410R … 725± HP
  • RSRT/GM LSX 454R … 750± HP
  • Mast/GM LSX 427SC … 800± HP
  • RSRT/Dart LS Next 454◊ … 700± HP
  • RSRT/Dart LS Next 410R◊ … 725± HP
  • RSRT/Dart LS Next 454R◊ … 750± HP
  • Mast/Dart LS Next 427SC◊ … 800-900 HP

GM Engine Options – for 110 Octane Gasoline, E77, E85, E90 or Methanol:

  • RSRT/Dart SBC 410R◊ … 700± HP
  • RSRT/Dart SBC 434R◊ … 750± HP
  • RSRT/GM LSX 440 … 750± HP
  • RSRT/GM LSX 440R … 800± HP
  • RSRT/Dart LS Next 410R◊ … 850± HP
  • RSRT/Dart LS Next 427R◊ … 875± HP
  • RSRT/Dart LS Next 454R◊ … 900± HP
  • Mast/Dart LS Next 427R SC◊ … 900-1000 HP

Mopar Engine Options – for 92 Octane Gasoline:

  • BPE/Mopar Gen-III Hemi Aluminum 426 EFI … 650± HP
  • BPE/Mopar Gen-III Hemi Aluminum 426 SC/EFI … 700-750 HP
  • BPE/Mopar Viper V-10 Aluminum EFI … 750± HP

Mopar Engine Options – for 110 Octane Gasoline, E77, E85, E90 or Methanol:

  • BPE/Mopar Gen-III Hemi Aluminum 426 EFI… 700± HP
  • BPE/Mopar Gen-III Hemi Aluminum 426 SC/EFI … 800± HP
  • BPE/Mopar Viper V-10 Aluminum EFI… 800-1000 HP

Pontiac Engine Options – for 92 Octane Gasoline:

  • Kauffman/Pontiac MR1 aluminum block 455 … 600-650 HP
  • Kauffman/Pontiac MR1 aluminum block 505 … 700-750 HP
  • Kauffman/Pontiac MR1 aluminum block 540 … 750-800 HP
  • Kauffman/Pontiac MR1 aluminum block 540SC … 900± HP
  • Any of our LS based engines are available with Pontiac valve covers.

Pontiac Engine Options – for 110 Octane Gasoline, E77, E85, E90 or Methanol:

  • RSRT/Kauffman/Pontiac MR1 aluminum block 410R … 700+ HP
  • Kauffman/Pontiac MR1 aluminum block 455R … 650-700 HP
  • Kauffman/Pontiac MR1 aluminum block 505R … 750-800 HP
  • Kauffman/Pontiac MR1 aluminum block 540R … 800-850 HP
  • Any of our LS based engines are available with Pontiac valve covers.

Nitrous Oxide Options:

  • Nitrous system for fixed power adder in ranges from 100-300 HP.
  • Nitrous system adjustable for power from 100-300 HP.
  • Progressive Nitrous system in 2 or 3 stages ranges from 100-300 HP.
  • Available jetted for 92 octane gasoline, racing gas, E85 & racing ethanol fuels.

Engine Notes & Codes:
Hydraulic roller camshafts unless noted with R for solid roller.
R = Solid roller camshaft unless R is absent for hydraulic roller.
◊ = Aluminum block versions available.
SC = Supercharged.
EFI = Electronic fuel injection.
± = Cam options allow more top end power or more bottom end power.
Other engine combinations available upon custom quote.

Transmission Options:

  • G-Force GF4A road race 4-speed transmission.²
  • G-Force GSR road race 4-speed transmission.²
  • Emco EGB44T road race 4-speed transmission. ²
  • Emco EGB44TCS road race 4-speed transmission. ²
  • Jerico 4 Speed v4.2 Road Racing Transmission. ²
  • Jerico 5 Speed Road Racing Transmission. ²
  • Rockland T56 6-speed Trans w/carbon syncros & 9310 gears (900# capacity). ²
  • G-Force T56 6-speed Trans w/alloy syncros, XHD shafts & wider 9310 gears (1000# capacity). ²
  • Quaife QBE69G 6-speed sequential shift racing transmission (800# capacity). ²
  • Emco DV46 6-speed sequential shift GT racing transmission (1100# capacity). ²
  • ² = One of these transmissions is required with engine packages 700+ HP.

Drivetrain Options:

  • Electronic paddle shifter on steering wheel. (Only available on certain transmissions)
  • Electronic bump shifter on console. (Only available on certain transmissions)
  • Combination electronic paddle shifter on steering wheel & bump shifter on console.
  • Chromoly driveshaft. (Automatically included with engines 800+ HP.)
  • Billet transmission & pinion yokes. (Automatically included with engines 800+ HP.)
  • Larger diameter dual disc clutch assembly. (Automatically included w/engines 750+ HP.)
  • Small diameter triple disc clutch assembly.

Exhaust Options:

  • 3.5” dual exhaust TUNED with X-over & H-pipe (Automatically included w/engines 700+ HP.)
  • Stainless steel exhaust system available in 3” & 3.5” systems.
  • Sound restriction exhaust systems available to target 90db to 95db in 600-700HP power engines.
  • Sound restriction exhaust systems available to target 100db to 105db in 750+ HP power engines.

Brake Options:

  • Various brake pad compounds from Wilwood, PFC & Porterfield tailored to need.
  • Brembo, Stoptech & AP brake calipers.
  • Wilwood, Brembo, Stoptech & AP brake rotor options depending on need.
  • Autocross brake package (lighter rotors).
  • Endurance brake package (heavier rotors).

Suspension Options:

  • Smart Phone adjustable JRI shocks.
  • 4 way adjustable JRI shocks.
  • Cambered rear end housing ends & crowned axle splines.
  • Cambered rear end housing ends & CV Floater Hubs.
  • Quick coil-over spring change kit.
  • Multi-track coil-over spring package.
  • Multi-track sway bar package.

Drag Race Options:

  • Set of wheels with drag tires front & rear – several options.
  • Upper links for drag tire 4-link & special rear spring set.
  • Chromoly driveshaft. (Automatically included with engines 800HP & above)
  • Billet transmission & pinion yokes. (Automatically included with engines 800+ HP.)
  • Larger diameter dual disc clutch assembly. (Automatically included w/engines 750+ HP.)
  • Removable wheelie bars.
  • Removable parachute.

Electronic Options:

  • Electronic traction control.
  • Performance Trends software with your specific Track Warrior car specs loaded.
  • Laptop for track day calculations, records & data acquisition.
  • Higher capacity data acquisition systems.
  • Additional data acquisition sensors: shocks, fuel, engine, etc.
  • On board video systems that integrate with data acquisition system on laptop.

Driver Safety Options:

  • Sternum strap on harness
  • HANS device
  • Driver suits, helmet & safety gear
  • 10# fire suppression system
  • Dual 5# fire suppression system

Cockpit Options:

  • Driver cool suit package.
  • Electric driver drink system.
  • Electric power adjustable mirrors.
  • Radio holder, wiring harness & David Clark push-to-talk button.
  • Motorola racing radios systems for driver & crew.
  • Partial to full insulation packages.
  • Sound reduction packages.
  • Upgrade full containment seat (stronger).
  • Passenger seat in standard, full containment or stronger versions.
  • Custom seat upholstery.

Exterior Options:

  • Carbon fiber body or panels.
  • Level 1 paint job (race car).
  • Level 2 body fit & finish (street car).
  • Level 2 body paint job (street car).
  • Functional headlights.
  • Functional tail lights.
  • Windshield wiper system.
  • Additional sets of wheels.
  • Rain tires.
  • Various length front splitters.
  • Custom Fitted Car Cover

Tool Options:

  • Suspension tuning tool kit.
  • Portable track tool box.
  • Rolling pit toll box.
  • Full size pit cart – custom.
  • Dual pit cart – custom.

More In-Depth Information

From the standard 600 hp crate engines to the amazing 700-1000 hp track engines, all Track Warrior engines are built to the highest standards, with top quality parts to provide years of service. Ron provides you with a “life” mileage guideline for each engine, assuming race track driving loads.

The standard engine package and several optional engine packages run on 92 octane pump gas and have hydraulic roller camshafts. These engines require very little maintenance and will run for many years with just spark plug, oil & filter changes.

The higher power level race style engines with solid roller camshafts require more TLC. The valves need to be adjusted occasionally and the valve springs need to be replaced after 1000-1200 laps. These can be performed without removing the engine from the car by any trained technician.

The ultra high power race engines obviously have shorter life guidelines, but still offer long usage before needing to be freshened. Depending on stroke, rpms & power output these range from 2000 to 3600 road course laps, which for many owners is several years of track fun before an engine freshen is suggested.

The standard transmission is a Legend LGT-700 that is purpose built for racing & performance applications with carbon fiber/kevlar syncros. Tremec Magnum T56 transmissions modified for road course action are offered with ratings up to 1000 foot-pounds of torque.

Several 4, 5 & 6-speeds are available from G-Force, the leader in transmissions for NASCAR and many levels of road racing, including Trans Am. We offer both 4-speed & 5-speed road racing transmissions from Jerico.  The Quaife 6-speed is a lightweight clutchless sequential shift racing transmission for moderate to upper power levels. EMCO is the leader in transmissions in GT & Indy car racing. We offer EMCO’s 4-speeds and sequential 6-speed. The EMCO & Quaife sequential 6-speeds are very costly but simply incredible to drive.

We utilize dual & triple clutches from Ram, McLeod, Tilton, Quartermaster & Centerforce. With ten transmission choices, 22 clutches and a variety of shifter options, it can get a little confusing. Ron Sutton will be happy to discuss your objectives and suggest the best package for you.

Chassis Design:
Ron Sutton has put everything he has learned in 35 years of racing into this cutting edge racing chassis design. His 498 main event wins in a wide variety of auto racing are evidence he knows a thing or two about winning suspension designs. But his experience in making track cars safer & protecting the driver better in the event of crashes are paramount too.

Frankly, many chassis builders don’t understand all the force dynamics a chassis & suspension sees … so they over build everything … and their car’s end up overweight, sluggish, non-responsive and less competitive. Ron’s understanding of the where the forces are put on a chassis guide him to build an extremely rigid chassis structure with no wasted weight.

If you look closely at many chassis designs, the trained eye will see tubes that serve no purpose. They run from, or to, a point with no real forces on them. But to the untrained eye, these chassis look strong. When in fact, they’re simply carrying useless weight. Ron’s knowledge of where the forces aren’t … allow him to build the chassis light. Every tube has a purpose … each tube is as strong as it needs to be without being overweight … and there are no tubes that are not needed. This is the key to chassis that are both rigid & light.

Suspension Set-up Changes:
A big thing Ron prides himself on with these cars, is they are quick & easy to tune at the track, along with being very versatile. You can change from optimum autocross set-up to optimum road course set up in under 2 hours in your home garage with basic tools. No scaling, set-up plates or suspension gurus required. Every front suspension piece is adjustable with labeled slugs. Ron worked out all the set-up packages in advance & provide them to you in a clear & simple notebook of set-up forms.

RSRT provides you with a package of simple front & rear suspension set-ups that are quick & easy to set … that Ron Sutton has already worked out … to optimize your performance on different types of tracks. It will have settings for tight, medium & large autocross courses along with tight, medium & large road courses, along with tuning tips for tracks with more left or right turns.

Plus, if you desire, the Track Warrior can drag race better than any other autocross/road course track car. With the right options, your track Warrior can “change over” to drag race mode in under 2 hours and be capable of running 10 second quarter miles with the standard engine. With powertrain & drag race options, you can run 9’s and even in the 8’s with your Track Warrior. Besides meeting or exceeding all safety rules for SCCA & NASA, it meets or exceeds all NHRA & IHRA safety rules too.

Front Suspension Design:
In old school, conventional suspension set-ups, cars roll more and only compresses the front suspension a small amount. In some cases the inside corner of the front end is actually rising almost as much as the outside corner is compressing … so there is no compression at the crossmember. This keeps the car’s heavy front mass (think about the engine location at the front crossmember) up high. Not good.

Most conventional set-ups, the crossmember compresses about 1” under braking, still keeping the heavy mass of car’s front end & engine way too high. This lack of forward weight transfer is the leading cause of push conditions.

In a modern high travel/low roll front suspension, both sides of the front suspension travel very far under braking. The Track Warrior is designed for extreme high travel … up to 5.5” at the outside front wheel, 4” at in the inside front wheel and 4-3/4” at the crossmember. This means the front mass of the car lowers up to 4-3/4” … just before turning into the corner … and due to the Ron Sutton designed shock valving & suspension package … stays there throughout the middle of the corner.

Think what that does the center of gravity. Can you say extreme cornering ability? Sure you can! Simply stated, the mass of a car compressing the front end 1” doesn’t stand a chance of equaling the cornering performance of a high travel set-up.

Most conventional low travel/high roll suspensions … designed for 0”-1” of front end dive … can not be easily converted to high travel. All the conventional geometry leads to too much roll center change, too much camber gain & too much steering change.

Ron’s GT style long control arm front suspension design has many important advantages for high travel suspensions, including:

  • Less roll center change – under 2” change in full dive.
  • Less camber gain – under 4° gain in full dive.
  • Less bump steer change throughout full range of travel.

Rear Suspension Design:
Without question the offset 3-link rear suspension design is tops for autocross & road racing. Proven by top autocross champions and in GT1 & Trans Am road racing, it is the only solid axle suspension design that allows for completely balanced handling on corner entry, middle & exit. With zero torque steer, the driver doesn’t have to deal with different handling characteristics common with other rear suspension designs.

Ron Sutton understands the factors that dictate torque steer better than most. In the Track Warrior the upper 3rd link is offset in the correct range to achieve zero torque steer. Plus, it is adjustable if changes are made inside the differential that affect torque steer.  The incredible handling decoupled offset 3-link suspension is standard on Track Warriors (Optional on Street Warriors) … with two upper links (decoupled) … that allows the decel link to be adjusted for optimum grip on corner entry & the accel link to be adjusted for optimum grip on corner exit. Instead of settling on a compromise, it allows the best of both worlds, while having no affect on the middle of the corner.

You have your choice of adjustable Watt’s link or dual adjustable panhard bar. The RSRT Watt’s link keeps the roll center centered during all cornering conditions. It has a full 6” range of adjustment that is quick & easy to tune with at the track. The RSRT panhard bar also has 6” of adjustment on both sides. It can be adjusted to handle neutral, like a Watt’s link, or to load either rear tire harder for tracks with more left or right turns.

All Track Warrior chassis are built standard with multiple suspension mounts. Want to change from the standard offset 3-link to the decoupled 3-link? No problem ... it’s a bolt in change. Want to switch between Watt’s link & panhard bar? No problem ... it’s a bolt in change.

You can drag race the 3-link just fine on street radials. But if you want to get serious, run soft sidewall tires, do wheel standing launches, super quick 60’ time cutting, serious drag racing … the 4-link mounts are already there. Simply remove the upper 3rd link … the lower two links stay in place … and you simply bolt in the upper two links. If you choose this option during the build, we will have them preset to the proper geometry & pinion angle for you.

While aerodynamic aids … like front & side splitters, fender vents, flush mount glass and adjustable wings/spoilers look cool … on Track Warrior cars they are VERY functional. Designed from years of winning track performance to provide minimal lift, little drag, less turbulence and maximum downforce for real world increased cornering grip. The rear downforce is easy tuned on Track Warrior cars to provide neutral, balanced handling at high cornering & straight away speeds.

Do you desire to participate in standing mile speed runs or long runs like the 90 mile stretch in the famous Silver State Classic? Not only do Track Warrior cars have the power-to-weight to run over 200 mph … they have the aerodynamics to do it safely. And the safety protection built in to give you piece of mind. For standing mile competitions, we offer optional, removable 150, 175 or 200 mph parachutes.

Ron Sutton is a safety nut. It comes from racing 35 years and seeing too many people die or be hurt needlessly. Ron spent many years designing & testing chassis & safety equipment in the real world, on the race track. Ron has evaluated over 50 crashes to see what strategies offer the best safety. The Track Warrior is designed to be a mean, bad ass track car … while protecting the driver & passenger to the highest degree.

Versatile Fun:
The Track Warrior is not a typical race car, yet it utilizes design & technology from $300,000 to $500,000 professional race cars. (Price a GT, GT2 or Trans Am car lately?)  The Track Warrior was built for fun … to brake, corner & accelerate like GT1 & Trans Am cars … in a unique muscle car body package. But the power to weight ratio … combined with quickly changeable suspensions … mean it can kick ass in autocross, road course track days, standing mile runs, long distance runs and even drag racing. In short, the Track Warrior is the ultimate fun man toy.

It is built as safe as possible with technology available today. The standard engine package and several optional engine packages run on 92 octane pump gas, require little maintenance and will run for years. While not cheap by any standards, the Track Warrior is the most advanced track you can buy in a muscle car body package.

Track Warriors are easy to get up to speed & fun to drive. It comes fully set-up & ready to drive hard & fast. This means there is no fighting an ill handling car and nothing for you to figure out. As track conditions change, Track Warriors are easily balanced for neutral handling at the track.

Ron Sutton will personally attend your first track day … anywhere in the nation … and help you get comfortable and up to speed quickly & safely. He will train you on the using the tuning guide, the set-up sheets, driving the track, tuning the suspension & reading the data acquisition. Travel expenses are extra. Tracks in Northern California are no charge.

Semi Custom:
Each Track Warrior car is unique. While not a full custom build, each car is customized for the owner in many ways. No two are the same. What’s the difference between full custom and semi-custom?

In full custom car builds the owner can make every decision on every part & design. That wouldn’t turn out well for a Track Warrior. Ron Sutton designs each Track Warrior to the very best performing track car possible. Ron designs every aspect of every part in the frame, cage, suspension & steering systems, along with specifying every detail in the geometry, spring & bar rates, shock valving, etc, etc. Plus he guides the building of race caliber engines & matches the drivetrain packages to them. If not, it wouldn’t be the amazing performing car it is.

The owner decides many things that make their Track Warrior unique to them, including:

  • Body choice
  • Complete exterior graphic design.
  • Exterior color … or colors in multi color designs.
  • Wheel design.
  • Engine power package.
  • Transmission & shift method.
  • And 50 other options.

We’re quite confident that Track Warrior cars will carve their place in history & be known as amazing performance machines. So there are things we won’t change, to protect the integrity & reputation of all Track Warriors. If someone requested a 350 hp crate engine and a powerglide transmission, we’d politely decline. But if you have something special you want on your Track Warrior, talk with Ron Sutton and let’s see if it’s something we can do for you.

This is a track car and is not designed for legal highway or city street usage. Track Warrior cars are built with the intention of competing on closed race courses with all safety gear utilized and the driver accepting the all risks and dangers associated with high speed driving, racing and competition events.

RSRT can not offer any guarantees or assurances the Track Warrior will meet racing series class structure, safety requirements or rules, as these change often and are highly subjective.

Got questions? Want to know more?
Contact Ron Sutton direct at (916) 834-8051 or click HERE to email Ron.

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