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7 Ways to Utilize RSRT

7 Ways to Utilize Ron Sutton Race Technology in Your Build

Even though I’ve built 205 cars … and owned 79 race cars … I don't fab or wrench on cars anymore. It’s simply not the best use of my talents these days. But I like helping guys & gals build mean machines that stop, go & corner. Maybe you want your new project car to perform better than the rest … or simply as good as it can. If you’ve read some of my threads, talked to me some or know people I’ve helped make their cars handle & stop well … and you would like to utilize my experience & technology to optimize the performance of your car … there are 7 ways to do that. I’ve listed them in order from the smallest involvement … to complete cars.

  1. Improve Your Current Car - With My Help & Bolt-On Street-Star Parts
  2. Build Your Own Track Car - Your Design - With My Track-Star Parts & Kits
  3. Build Your Own Track Car - One of My 5 Designs - With My Help & Parts
  4. Have Your Preferred Shop Build Your Track Car - One of My 4 Designs - With My Help & Parts
  5. Pick a Shop I Already Work With Around the Nation
  6. Use One of My Preferred Shops in Northern California
  7. Get a RSRT Track Warrior Car - as a Roller for You to Finish or Turn Key from Us

Need parts?  I consider my website to be a car builders resource center with 90,000+ parts & prices matching the big guys like Summit & Jegs.  Visit my online store HERE.

But if you’re building a serious Track and/or Autocross performer … my “Build Your Own Track Car” Catalog is your best friend.  You’ll find my services, complete front & rear suspensions, all the trick suspension parts individually, brakes, floater rear ends, fuel cell, seats & more.  Download it in PDF form on this page HERE. 

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