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Forgeline Joins 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
2015/4/1 15:00

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Forgeline Wheels Joins 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
The 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-up & Tuning

I'm proud to announce the leader in wheels for Road Racing & Pro-Touring … Forgeline Motorsports … is a supporting partner 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour. Long the best wheel in United Sports Car, Grand-Am, American LeMans, World Challenge, SCCA Pro Racing, and virtually every amateur racing series in America Road Racing. Forgeline became the number one wheel for top Pro-Touring car builds too … and for good reason. Forgeline Motorsports manufactures the world's finest custom made-to-order, lightweight, forged aluminum street and racing performance wheels. Their amazing variety of unique wheel styles, quality, finish craftsmanship & engineering are the top choice for discerning Pro-Tourer and the most demanding track applications.

From my road racing experience I found the Forgeline wheels were the lightest & strongest wheel that could withstand the extreme loads & G-forces we were achieving in our extreme grip road race cars. Most everyone knows light wheels & suspensions allow the suspension to be more responsive, increasing grip, but the wheel needs to be strong enough to not distort under extreme side loads. I like that every Forgeline wheel is engineered using computer-simulated finite element analysis and tested using real-world load variables to ensure strength & safety along with the grip performance we want. Forgeline’s I-beamed spokes, hidden titanium ARP fasteners, meticulously-engineered centers, and complex manufacturing techniques such as heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum forged on a 6000-ton hydraulic press … aligning the grain structure, reducing porosity & increasing uniformity in the material. All to create the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any wheel.

Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session

Quality products always require a commitment to excellence, lots of research, development, advanced engineering & good old hard work. When you want to provide the best product, you need to go the extra mile on every detail. No one knows high performance wheels better than David & Steve Schardt. Forgeline will be a much appreciated participant in the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Sessions at my Workshops.

David & Steve Schardt will share time at the Workshops on the Manufacturers Panel answering any questions you have about wheels, including how their different designs compare for weight & rigidity. In addition to sponsoring the Ron Sutton 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-Up & Tuning Workshop series … to bring the ticket price down from $1500 to only $299* … the key guys of Forgeline are participating in the workshops to answer any wheel questions you may have.

Stay Tuned - More "Good Stuff" to Come

Over the next week, I’ll be introducing the other members of the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session I’ve selected in each of the areas pertinent to this workshop topic … to attend & answer your questions. Later I’ll introduce the other great companies supporting Pro-Touring education through my 2015 Workshop & Book Tour.

More Details on Workshop are HERE
Questions: Email me at HERE

Tickets: Go HERE


For more information on Forgeline Motorsports:
Phone: (800) 886-0093
Address: 3522 S. Kettering Blvd, Suite A, Dayton, OH 45439

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