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Stoptech Joins 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
2015/3/1 17:10

StopTech Partners with 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
The 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-up & Tuning

The people who know me well … know I live & breathe performance. Not the generic “high performance” you see in ads … but real world, measurable on the stopwatch, kissing the trophy girl in victory lane performance.  I don’t use, endorse or promote anything that is inferior. It’s just not in my DNA.  I’m all about winning.  When I put together my Workshop & Book Tours I decided I didn’t need sponsors … I needed partners.  I needed companies with ultra high performing products I truly believed in … as well as experts who could bring high levels of knowledge to the workshops to answer your questions.

Ridetech’s shocks & suspension systems were a perfect fit, proven with lots of big wins over the years & recently with the 48 Hour Corvette.  Jet Hot High Performance Coatings & I go back to the 1980’s to when we were squeezing the last 20 hp out of race engines.  Forgeline has been the leader in road racing wheels for 20 years.  Racepak has been the leader in data acquisition systems for over 30 years, who I also started working with in the 80’s.  Let’s see … what’s missing?  Oh yeah … brakes.  I want to take brakes in ProTouring to the next level.  Enter StopTech.

StopTech Brakes is partnering with me for the 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour.  Some of you know the parent company for StopTech is Centric.  They are the leading brake company in North America.  With 1.5 million square feet of operations in Los Angeles alone and plants in several other states across the nation, in the braking world, they have some serious horsepower. 

Before I discuss StopTech any further, you need to know about a guy. A car guy.  A racing brake guy named Mark Cornwell.  Mark worked on Michael Andretti’s teams as they both rose through the ranks of open wheel racing. They won the Formula Vee Championship in ’82, then the Formula Atlantic Championship in ’83.  From there, Cornwell went into IndyCar, working with Michael Andretti at Kraco, Rick Mears at Penske & Bobby Rahal at Gallas Motorsports. Mark helped Stu Hayner capture the capture the Corvette Challenge National Championship in 1988.  Mark joined Brembo in ’91, serving as the Director of Racing & High Performance in the U.S. where they won the 1992 Indy Championship with Bobby Rahal & had 100% of the Indy car teams running Brembo brakes soon after that. 

Mark is the racing brake guy that brought Brembo brakes into NASCAR in the 1990’s. He first put Brembo brakes on Richard Petty’s Cup car with Bobby Hamilton driving … and as a small one car team … they whipped the field at Phoenix … a track where brakes are king.  Then he put Brembo brakes on Mark Martin’s Roush car with winning results … followed by all five of Roush’s Cup Teams … plus their Busch & Craftsman Truck Teams … winning races on short tracks, road courses and super speedways.  Not long after that Brembo was on 70% of the cars in NASCAR for quite awhile.

Mark Cornwell moved to StopTech in 2007 to lead a similar charge into top level racing. Since then StopTech has raced & won in World Challenge, Tudor Sports Car Series, NASCAR, Trans Am, Grand Am, NASA, SCCA & US Touring Car to name a few.  StopTech brakes helped Turner Motorsports win the 2006 and 2007 Grand Am Cup (Continental Tire Sports Car Series) Championships in their BMW M3s. StopTech has become the Official Brakes of the Pirelli World Challenge, and drivers Jeff Altenburg, Michael Cooper, Ryan Winchester and Michael DiMeo all owe their World Challenge championships in no small part to StopTech. Fan favorite Jack Baldwin is one of the first to point out how important his StopTech brakes are to his World Challenge success, proudly displaying the StopTech logo on his Porsche Cayman S.

In Trans Am, Cameron Lawrence captured the 2014 drivers title in TA2, even though he switched from running a Chevy Camaro to a Dodge Challenger halfway through the season. Second place finisher Adam Andretti was also running StopTech, as was American Muscle Champion, Ernie Francis, Jr.  GoGoGear Racing’s Ali Arsham won the USTCC title bringing Hyundai its first ever national championship for their Genesis Coupe. And StopTech’s success extends well beyond road racing.

How about a World Record at Pike’s Peak for Rhys Millen in 2012?  And titles for JC Meynet in Time Attack, plus Circle Track championships in NASCAR Whelan Modified (Ryan Preece) and Southern Modified Tours (George Brunnhoelzl III), Race of Champions (Chuck Hossfeld), Bowman Gray (Burt Myers), and World of Outlaws Sprint Cars (Daryn Pittman), Off-Road Championships in TORC (CJ Greaves, Jerett Brooks) and LOORS Pro 2 (Brian Deegan), Pro 4 (Carl Renezeder) and Pro Light (Brian Deegan) trucks… The list goes on and on.

StopTech is the recognized leader in track car brakes on everything from modern Corvettes to Supercars. StopTech brakes thrive in production based racing where a long association with top race teams has validated its unique and patented technology. StopTech’s superior braking performance comes from the absolute strongest & stiffest calipers in racing … as well as patented removable bridges, optimal airflow AeroHats® and the industry's best heat dissipating AeroRotors®.

My personal road racing experience & history with StopTech brakes is littered with wins. But what mattered almost as much … almost … was the dependability.  Zero brake fade, no complaints of soft pedal from drivers, consistent braking force corner after corner. The reason is simple.  Heat is a brake system’s enemy.  StopTech optimal airflow AeroHats® and AeroRotors® simply run cooler than ANY other rotor.  Less heat equals less problems. 

Total braking force in the real world is not just some calculation. The calcs I run for my clients tells us how much clamping force the caliper would have if it didn’t flex or bow.  But they do.  All calipers flex.  Some a TON … some moderately … some less … and then there is StopTech.  Their calipers are most rigid calipers made.  Period.  Proven in testing & in the real world … their calipers have miniscule caliper flex … and therefore maximum braking power.  StopTech calipers make more braking force than any other caliper with the same piston area … with the same master cylinder, pedal ratio & driver foot input.  Plus … the feel is firmer … confidence building … not mushy. 

I always tell people this … no matter what your budget is … don’t scrimp on shocks or brakes.  Get the best you can possibly afford.  StopTech produces top of the line, professional level brakes … race winning brakes … at similar pricing to common high performance street brakes.

Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session
Drum roll please … veteran racing brake expert Mark Cornwell is bringing his impressive brake knowledge to the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Sessions at my Workshops to answer your brake questions.


Stay Tuned - More "Good Stuff" to Come
Next, I’ll introduce the other great companies supporting Pro-Touring education through my 2015 Workshop & Book Tour.



More Details on Workshop are HERE
Questions: Email me at HERE

Tickets: Go HERE



StopTech & Pro Touring?
Mark Cornwell & I are working together to bring StopTech Brakes optimized by Ron Sutton Race Technology to Pro Touring cars in 2016.  These will be the ultimate triple duty brake packages for street, autocross & track days.  The street combination produces braking force superior to any other … with a firm pedal … and very affordable pads offering minimal squeal or dust … as well as long pad & rotor life.  Change to the autocross pads and they brake as well in turn one as the last turn.  Awesome for brake stop competitions too.  Change to the track pads and out brake the competitors on the road course and never worry about brake fade or over heating them.  More information, applications & pricing will be available at SEMA & afterwards. 

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