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Racepak Joins 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
2015/3/15 16:30

Racepak Adds to 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
The 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-up & Tuning

Having Racepak join the 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour as a major partner is a big “get” as they say in Hollywood. Racepak is the leader in powerful racing data acquisition systems, simple sportsman data loggers and digital dashes.  Smart competitors know the key to gaining the winning edge in driving abilities & car handling comes from utilizing data acquisition systems.  Racepak is number one because they offer the top four benefits racers and car guys want … ease of install, accuracy, dependability &  understandable information to help them improve their driving and the car’s handling. 

One advantage … exclusive to Racepak … is the Vnet Smart Sensor System.  It provides the ability to transmit the data from up to 12 sensors, through a single cable connected to the data logger. The logger can both power and receive data from multiple sensors, all through the Vnet cable. Racepak’s 30 + years of motorsports data system experience go into the design of every unit.

I first started using Racepak Data Acquisition Systems in 1986.
They were leaders then & they’re leaders now.  Their GPS satellite based data acquisition systems are affordable, simple to use & provide amazing information that we car guys can use in the real world to get faster.  I used data acquisition on every race car I owned & found them to be an indispensable driver development tool. 

Most people know I won a good portion of my 498 career race wins with rookie drivers I was developing. That would not have been possible without easy to understand data acquisition. Minutes after a track session, we could see where a driver was doing well … so they locked that in and kept doing it.  And of course … we could see exactly where they needed to improve … but more importantly … what specific driving changes to make to get better. In my experience, data acquisition is the best bang for the buck to go faster.  Well designed parts & the right set-up make your car faster.  Knowledge of what to improve makes the driver faster. 

Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session

Tim Anderson, Racepak General Manager, is a veteran Race Engineer & Data Acquisition guru. Tim was Team Engineer for a winning NASCAR Cup team for 8 years, as well as providing data and engineering support to other Cup teams running Racepak systems. He was key in the early development of features in the professional Racepak data systems that now come standard on the sportsman level systems. 

After taking the helm of Racepak, Tim spent most of his time working with racers from professional teams in IMSA road racing to grassroots racers in NASA, SCCA and autocross competition. He has years of experience helping racers to understand the data … and using it to get faster. Tim Anderson is the best guy I know to talk about and answer questions about data acquisition.

Racepak is sponsoring the Ron Sutton 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-Up & Tuning Workshop series … to bring the ticket price down from $1500 to only $299*. Just as important, is Tim Anderson will bring a lot of valuable knowledge to the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Sessions at my Workshops.  

Stay Tuned - More "Good Stuff" to Come

Soon, I’ll be introducing the final member of the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session,  I’ve selected … to attend & answer your questions.  Later I’ll introduce the other great companies supporting Pro-Touring education through my 2015 Workshop & book Tour. 


More Details on Workshop are HERE
Questions: Email me at HERE

Tickets: Go HERE


For more information on Racepak Data Loggers & Digital Dashes:
Phone:  (949) 709-5555
Address: 30402 Esperanza, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


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