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JET-HOT Partners with 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
2015/4/15 14:50

JET-HOT Partners with 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
The 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-up & Tuning

I can’t tell you how excited I am that Jet-Hot came on board for my 2015 Workshop & Book Tour. Everyone at Pro-Touring events knows & loves Cheryl Herrick and her beautiful black & gold Nova. Of course everyone has seen how supportive Jet-Hot is of the Pro-Touring community. One of their big goals is to provide education. At each of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Association events, Jet-Hot provides five driving instructors to coach new & improving drivers get up speed, be safe and improve their on track performance. No charge to them. Pretty cool.

I started working with High Performance Coatings (HPC) in the 1980’s. Top racers started to use their thermal coatings for turbos, headers and tops of the pistons. They were the first to coat the inside of the headers too. This protects the header tubing & doubles the thermal insulation. We took that further & found power increases by using thermal coatings on the face of the combustion chamber & valves. Then found more power thermal coating the exhaust port runners. We found more power increases … and longer part life … using lubricating coatings on the bearings, piston skirts, piston pins, valve springs as well as the valve stems & tips. After that we found increased power to the rear wheels by reducing friction & heat in the transmission & rear ends. Of course this extended the life of the gears, shafts & bearings too.

As Jet-Hot grew & became the leader in coatings, they acquired HPC & expanded the range & type of coatings they offer for automotive & commercial applications. (You still see the old HPC logo in the upper right hand corner of the Jet-Hot website.) For years I have used & spec’d their coatings in a wide range of performance applications to increase the power and life of components. To say I’m a fan of their work would be an understatement. Their coatings are a big difference maker.

Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session, Book & More

When I told the Jet-Hot gang about my 2015 Workshop & Book Tour, they said it fit well with their education goals & doubled down with their educational support in several key ways.
1. They put in significant sponsorship dollars to do their part in bringing the workshop ticket price down from $1500 to only $299. Making this a very affordable bargain.
2. Jet-Hot will be a much appreciated participant in the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session. Frank Cottone will be on the Manufacturers Panel answering any questions you have about how & where to use coatings for performance gains and/or increasing part longevity.
3. This is big. Jet-Hot is buying you a copy of my book. That’s right. Jet-Hot is buying a copy of my $49.95 “7 Secrets of Suspension Set-Up & Tuning” book for EVERY workshop participant.

So in addition to sponsoring the workshops to bring the ticket price down to $299, Jet-Hot is buying my book for you and participating to answer any coatings questions you have. Sweet!

Stay Tuned - More to Come

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be introducing the other members of the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session I’ve selected in each of the areas pertinent to this workshop topic … to attend & answer your questions. Later I’ll introduce the other great companies supporting Pro-Touring education through my 2015 Workshop & book Tour.

More Details on Workshop are HERE
Questions: Email me at

Tickets: Go HERE


For more information on Jet-Hot Coatings:
Phone: (800) 432-3379
Address: 2611 LaVista Drive, Burlington, NC 27215

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