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Ridetech Announces Major Partnership
2015/5/1 13:30


Ridetech Partners with 2015 Ron Sutton Workshop & Book Tour
The 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-up & Tuning

Much More than "Just a Workshop"

Most of you know some of my racing background, but not everything.
Throughout all the different types of racing I’ve been involved in there have been a few common, constant threads.
1. I love teaching, helping & developing people.
2. Everything worthwhile takes hard work, smart choices & dedication
3. Good people are the key to everything.
4. The only shortcut to winning is education.

I’ve been a student of cars, performance & racing … literally … since I was a kid. I’ve absorbed knowledge from many mentors, books, workshops & hands on experiences at every opportunity. I got hooked on the positive feeling the first time I shared some of that knowledge & helped someone else improve. Since then, I’ve conducted over 100 workshops on various topics about cars, performance & racing in drag racing, kart racing, road racing & oval track racing. From the basics of race car preparation to super advanced technology … from driver development to crew training … from teaching young racers to guiding professional race careers … I enjoy helping people learn. I’m proud to have developed many winning drivers, crew chiefs, race engineers, chassis builders, suspension experts & even a winning shock engineer for a top NASCAR team. Sure I’m proud of their accomplishments, but I cherish their friendships the most. I look forward to developing friendships with the guys & gals that attend these workshops. And I will enjoy watching your performance & on track successes too.

Good People

I learned the value of working with and associating with good people early in my 35 years of racing. I think as we get older we all figure out the right attitudes, values, work ethic, principles and character are everything. Good companies, good products & good race teams only happen because of good people. Naïve people always bring up money as the key to racing success. But in my experience … good people rise to the top of their game, regardless of how much money they started with. Innovative products come about because of people with vision, commitment & hard work. Quality products & great customer service don’t happen by accident or even good intention. They happen when good people run businesses with high standards, strong values, pride in their reputation & care for their customer. For this reason I choose to only be associated with good people, good companies & good products.

When I decided to write a series of five performance books … and then to do workshops of the same topics for the next five years … I wanted to introduce my participants to the quality people & companies I enjoy working with.

This is hard to have credibility without you knowing me better
, but … I don’t promote products I don’t believe in. My objectivity & integrity are too important to me & my reputation in this sport. My clients trust me to both tell them the truth … at least as I see it … and look out for their best interests.

There are good companies, made up of good people, with “good” products that I don’t promote … because I use an even better product.
If my preferred product company couldn’t partner with me on the 2015 Ron Sutton Book & Workshop Tour … that category simply went unfilled. This varies with specific products. For example I like three shock brands, for different reasons, but I only use & recommend one spring brand. If I invited a company to participate as a partner in my workshop & book tour, it’s because I believe & trust in the quality, value & effectiveness of their products. That is not for sale at any price.

Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session

Most of you know I’m a Ridetech dealer because I love the product designs, quality & legendary customer service. There are clear reasons why their stuff wins events & why quality people run their suspension products. In 2014 Bret Voelkel, owner of Ridetech, had me do a half day workshop at his annual dealers convention held at Ridetech HQ in Jasper, Indiana. After he saw me engage the participants, making the technical learning fun & easier, he complimented me, saying I had skills & we should do workshops around the country. I laughed and said, “funny you should say that, because I have a 5 year plan to introduce my books & do fun, engaging workshops around big Pro-Touring events.” Bret didn’t hesitate to say, “I’m all in & we want Ridetech involved.”

Ridetech isn’t a just a “sponsor” … they’re an alliance in helping me bring the workshops to you.
Yes, their financial support, as well as the support of 10 other quality companies I’ll be introducing, allowed me bring the workshop ticket price down from my typical $1500 to only $299. But Bret Voelkel also collaborated on many aspects of the tour. One of his best ideas, is to have my part of the workshop be 7 of the 8 hours … and to hold a Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session the final hour … with a team of experts answering participant questions. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be introducing the members of the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session I’ve selected in each of the areas pertinent to this workshop topic … to attend & answer your questions.

A key participant in the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session will of course will be Ridetech. Bret Voelkel, Ridetech owner & founder and/or Ridetech’s “Skunk Works Engineer” Britt Marolf will be on the Manufacturers Panel answering any questions you have for them about front & rear suspension parts, shocks and more.


Bret Voelkel wanted to make sure everyone ate well at our events. Ridetech is known for having some pretty good food spreads at their events. We’ll be holding these workshops in large conference rooms at nice hotels nearby each of these four big Pro-Touring events. We’re going to have really good “dinner style” lunches catered for you … and Ridetech is picking up the check. You’ll have great food & won’t have to go anywhere. Please tell Bret “thanks for lunch” when you see him.

Stay Tuned - More to Come

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be introducing the other members of the Manufacturers Round Table Q&A Session I’ve selected in each of the areas pertinent to this workshop topic … to attend & answer your questions. Later I’ll introduce the other great companies supporting Pro-Touring education through my 2015 Workshop & book Tour.

More Details on Workshop are HERE
Questions: Email me at

Tickets: Go HERE


For more information on Ridetech Products:
Phone: (812) 481-4787
Address: 350 S. St. Charles Street, Jasper, Indiana, 47546


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