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Ron Sutton Workshop Tour 2018
2018/4/13 10:05


The 7 Secrets of ADVANCED Suspension Set-Up & Tuning
Ron Sutton Workshop Tour 2017

(For Autocross, Track Day & Pro-Touring Cars)

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Ron Sutton Suspension Workshop - NEW TOPIC for 2018

• Ron Shares His 38 Years of Race Winning Experience in a Fun, Full Day Workshop
• Open Q&A with Ron Sutton During Workshop to Discuss Your Car !
• Open Q&A with Key Manufacturer Reps During Workshop Round Table
• Including: Engines, Transmissions, Suspension, Brakes, Shocks, Wheels & Data Acquisition Q&A with Ron Sutton During Workshop
• Money Back Guarantee / Every Workshop Last Year SOLD OUT! / Get Your Tickets Early or Miss Out!

Using many visual aids in the workshop, Ron shares:


The 7 Secrets of Total Car Performance Workshop:
Is an easy to understand layer-by-layer education, in plain English, of how to
make a car fast & handle optimum regardless of car, driver or track condition.


Each Workshop Participant receives:

  • Course Workbook for Notes
  • Sample Set-Up Sheets
  • Sample Run Data Sheets
  • Black T-shirt with Full Color Graphics in Your Size
  • Bag of Goodies Provided by Workshop Partners
  • 4-Course Catered Lunch
  • A lot of real world, helpful knowledge in a fun day !


Who is Workshop For:
• Guys & Gals with G-Machines & Pro-Touring Cars & Trucks
• Autocross Participants - from Amateur to Hard Core
• Track Day Participants - from HPDE to Optima/USCA Competitors
• Guys & Gals with Road Course Track Cars for Fun or Competition
• DIY Car Builders
• Driver/Owners/Tuners
• Professional Car Builders
• Sportsman Racers – Yup!
• Pro Racers – Probably Not

Speaker - Ron Sutton:
Skip this if you know my background. I’ve been racing for 38 years in 80+ classes of racing, most professionally, including drag, road course, karts & oval track. From low powered Formula Fords & F2000 cars to Mountain Motor drag racing … Midgets, Sprint Cars, Super Modifieds … to Trans Am/GT road race cars, Modifieds, Late Models & NASCAR Stock Cars. I’ve had the good fortune to work with & learn from winning pro teams & smart people in SCCA, USAC, SRL, NHRA, IHRA, IMSA, Camel GT, Indycar, Grand Am & NASCAR. Most of my modern experience is designing winning cars for road racing & oval track. The last 3 years, I have designed winning chassis & suspensions for autocross competitors.

I’ve built 205 cars for clients “hands on” as they say. Specifically, 64 tube chassis cars & 140+ sportsman race cars. I’ve had a chassis shop, parts store, track stores & engine R&D over the years. I’ve owned 79 race cars myself, including 9 full time race teams up until 2012. Most years I was at the track 3-4 days a week, 40+ weeks out of the year. As a driver, team owner, crew chief or driver coach I have 498 wins & 22 championships. I live & breathe competition, and I believe winning comes from doing your homework, testing, working hard, testing more, learning from books, classes & mentors … and testing more. I’m not the smartest guy at the track, but when he goes home I’m still there testing & learning. I figure I have 2500+ days of track testing under my belt.

I’m not an engineer. I’ve worked for them, with them & had several work for me … but we’re from different planets. One of my friends said, “Ron is a race car designer that did not go to engineering school, so he speaks car guy.” I’m a veteran car guy committed to staying on the leading edge of performance & racing technology. I like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable in my areas of expertise … but I learn every week, if not every day.

Speaking Style:
You may be surprised to know I’ve done hundreds of racing workshops in different genres. While I don’t claim to be a rock star, many people have said I’m pretty good at making technical learning engaging, fun & very interesting. I keep the workshop on track, but I’m not giving some rehearsed speech standing behind a podium. I’m moving around, talking with my participants, sharing stories, the occasional bad joke, discussing real world examples & answering questions right then, not later at the end.

Key Point:
I never sell in a workshop. Never. I educate. Even if I love a product, I don’t sell anyone. That’s just not my style. No one sells or “pitches” any products in my workshops. If you attend my workshop, you will walk away with valuable, powerful information you understand to help make your car handle better & more fun to drive. I guarantee it.


Workshops Near 5 Big Events:

    • April 22nd, Sunday, at Ridetech HQ in Jasper, IN / Before Cars & Cones Autocross Tour
    • July 5th, Thursday, in Columbus, OH / Before the Good Guys Event
    • Sept 27th, Thursday, in Ft Worth, TX / Before the Good Guys Event
    • Oct 18th, Thursday, in Charlotte, NC / Before the Good Guys Event
    • Oct 31st, Wednesday, in Las Vegas / During SEMA & Before the Optima Invitational

Where & When:
The first Workshop is being held at Ridetech's HQ in Jasper, Indiana. The other workshop locations will be at a hotel conference room near each event. Hours are 8:00 am – 5:30 pm with three breaks & a lunch break. We’ll serve coffee & drinks throughout the day. A nice catered lunch will be served to all workshop participants, so you don’t need to leave. Hotel information will be provided with your workshop ticket.

Workshop Ticket Sales:
Seminars at this high level typically cost $1000-$1500. Due to the MANY Workshop Partners like Ridetech helping put on the Ron Sutton Workshop Tour 2017 … the ticket prices are a BARGAIN at only $349 each, sold in advance only. Tickets go on sale March 9th at the RSRT website HERE.

My Goals for You:
If you come spend a day with me & my workshop partners, I am committed to making it fun … highly educational … more than worth your money … and worth every minute of your time. I don’t hold any secrets back. You will learn how to make your car handle & stop better … be quicker … and have a more fun car to drive … guaranteed.

It’s OK to be Skeptical:
I offer a 100% No-Nonsense Guarantee. If you are not happy with the knowledge you gain, your experience or your results, I will refund your money ... 100% ... on the spot. And ... up to a year! Yes, you have a year to use the knowledge you gain. If you are not happy and satisfied, I will refund your money.

I’m OLD … Don’t Miss This Opportunity:
* I have a five year plan that includes teaching a different topic each of the 5 years.
* I am conducting this powerful workshop topic ONE YEAR … THIS YEAR.
* I’m doing the same topic in five cities for 2018. That’s it.
* I won’t be offering this topic again … for the next few years … maybe ever.

2015: The 7 Secrets of Suspension Set-up & Tuning - DONE! - Every Workshop SOLD OUT!
2016: The 7 Secrets for Suspension Mapping, Set-Ups & Track Tuning - DONE! - Every Workshop SOLD OUT!
2017: The 7 Secrets of Advanced Suspension Set-up & Tuning - DONE! - Every Workshop SOLD OUT!
2018: The 7 Secrets of Total Car Performance: Chassis Design, Brakes, Aero & Powertrain - This Year !
2019: The 7 Secrets of Winning - Optimizing Car & Driver

I hope you’ll join me for all of them. But if you miss one any year … there are no “do overs” or “come back tour” planned.

Questions: Email

Tickets: Go HERE.


For more information on Ridetech Products:
Phone: (812) 481-4787
Shop: 350 S. St. Charles Street, Jasper, Indiana, 47546

For more information on Ron Sutton Race Technology:
Phone: (844) 722-3832

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