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Ron Sutton Optimized Brakes
2017/3/14 15:20
Major Announcement:
StopTech & Ron Sutton Launch New Pro-Touring Brake Packages

ST_RS_Vehicle_Logo___205x150_Pix.jpgI am Proud & Excited to Announce We’re Launching My New Line of Ron Sutton Race Technology Optimized Brakes designed & built in conjunction with the Leader in Road Racing Brakes, StopTech.

These new kick ass brake packages I've designed, are for the ultimate triple duty Pro-Touring cars doing Autocross & Track Days as well as REAL Street driving! With me being involved, you know these are going to be awesome for Autocross & Track Days ... and they are. But the big deal ... the major difference ... is how well they perform on the street with brake pads made for the street.

Why did I develop a new line of brakes?
I have been frustrated with the braking systems available in the Pro-Touring world since I entered it. The calipers from the popular brands don’t have enough piston area to provide good braking force with street pads. To get the level of braking performance needed, people went to more aggressive & abrasive race pads. These race pads cost 2-3 times as much, wear out twice as quick, dust up the wheels horribly and as a bonus, they eat up expensive rotors 2-3 times as quick. Ugh!

I used to think we could not have a brake system that will be great on the street, autocross & road courses with a single pad compound.
It wasn't not realistic, because … pad compounds engineered to work well for the street, typically can't handle the heat generated on road courses and don't provide good enough "cold bite" for optimum autocross needs.
* The pads in the new StopTech/RSRT brake system do work excellent on the street, autocross & occasional track days !
* It's amazing what a well designed, rigid caliper, the right piston area & modern pad compounds can do!

For the street, we want modern supercar level braking performance with a street pad. Where we can drive our toys on the street, enjoy long pad & rotor life, not dust up the wheels & squeal at every stop light. This simply requires more clamping force from the brake calipers when we run street compound pads and want Supercar level braking.

The challenge was the calipers from these popular brands are not strong enough to increase the piston area ... without experiencing even more caliper flex & sponginess than they already do. If you're not familiar ... caliper flex means the driver is not getting the full braking force. A certain amount of the clamping force is lost to the flexing or "clam shelling" of the weak caliper body. You can feel it in the pedal too. As long as you don't have air in the lines, that "sponginess" the driver feels is caliper flex. The more the caliper flexes, the worse this condition is.

So I decided to come up with better brake systems for our multi-purpose Pro-Touring cars that can win in Autocross, run fast & hard on big, fast road courses & drive well in everyday street driving. The key was finding out who offered the strongest calipers, with the least amount of caliper flex & the space to handle the increased piston sizes. For me, it came down to who had the best caliper that met my criteria.

Enter an old friend from racing, Mark Cornwell. He came up through Formula car racing, had a career in Indy car racing working with the Andrettis. Then took an unknown brake company in the USA ... Brembo ... to dominating in NASCAR in the 90's & beyond. Today Mark runs the racing division of StopTech brakes, where StopTech has won a ton of road races, including Trans Am & GT championships. The StopTech calipers are strongest, most rigid, lowest flexing calipers … hands down. In equal comparison brake dyno tests ... same pad compounds, same line pressures, same rotors ... the StopTech calipers produced the highest brake torque & did so with the least caliper flex. Period.

So the foundation was set for me to design a superior line of brakes for Pro-Touring Muscle Cars to be Triple-Duty killers. All I had to do was design kits to fit muscle car spindles & spec what I wanted in the calipers, pads & rotors.



These StopTech Brakes from Ron Sutton Race Technology are a Game Changer!

What Makes These Brakes Better?
* The Most Rigid Calipers, Period.
* Lower Inertia 14" Rotors (Only 16.2#)
* Industry's Best Heat Dissipating AeroRotors®
* Stonger Hubs & Bigger Hub Bearings
* Street, Autocross & Track Days on One Pad !
* Patented Removable Bridge for Easy Pad Swaps
* Patented AeroHats® for Optimal Cooling Airflow to Rotors

What is the Real World Difference on Track?
* Shorter Stopping Distances
* Better Brake Modulation & Release
* Firmer Pedal Feel
* Less Brake Fade

What is the Real World Difference on the Street?
* Shorter Stopping Distances
* Firmer Pedal Feel
* Significantly Less Brake Squeal
* Longer Pad & Rotor Life = Less Expense
* Substantially Less Wheel Dust Up & Wheel Cleaning

Front Brake Applications Available NOW

  • 1967-1969 Camaro & Firebird
  • 1964-1972 Chevelle, Malibu & SS
  • 1964-1972, GTO, Cutlass, Skylark & GS
  • 1962-1967 Chevy II
  • 1968-1974 Nova, Ventura, Apollo, Omega
  • 1964-1972 El Camino & GMC Sprint
  • 1969-1972 Gran Prix & Monte Carlo
  • All Cars with Ridetech Spindles
  • All Cars with GM C5/C6 Spindles
  • All Cars with Speedtech/ATS Spindles
  • Art Morrison C6 Chassis & Frame Clips
  • Detroit Speed Front Frame Clips
  • Roadster Shop Chassis & Frame Clips
  • Ron Sutton Race Technology Spindles

Rear Brake Applications Available NOW

  • 9” Ford with Torino Ends
  • 9” Ford with Big Ford Ends
  • GM 12 Bolt Passenger Car C-Clip
  • GM 10 Bolt Passenger Car C-Clip
  • Speedway Mod-Lite Floater w/Parking Brake
  • Speedway Mod-Lite & GN Floater w/o PB

Available Caliper Colors:

  • Red or Black
  • Trophy (High End / Fully Machined / Gun Metal Anodize)

Front Applications Coming Late 2017

  • 1970-1992 Camaro, Firebird & TA
  • 1978-1988 Monte Carlo, GP, Regal & Cutlass
  • 1978-1988 El Camino, Sprint & S10 Truck
  • 1973-1977 Chevelle, Monte Carlo & Cutlass
  • 1973-1977 LeMans, Gran Prix & Regal,
  • 1964-1973 Mustang, Cougar & Fairlane
  • 1964-1973 Falcon, Ranchero & Comet
  • 1964-1973 Torino, Montego & Cyclone
  • 1962-1972 Mopar A, B, C & E-Body
  • 1973-1976 Mopar A, B, C & E Body
  • 1964-1970 Chevy & GMC C10 Trucks
  • 1971-1980 Chevy & GMC C10 Trucks

Rear Applications Coming Late 2017

  • 8” & 9” Ford with Small Ford Ends
  • GM 10/12 Bolt BOP Non-C-Clip
  • GM 10/12 Bolt w/3.15” Bearing Non-C-Clip
  • Mopar 8-3/4” & Dana 60
  • GM 10/12 Bolt C10 Truck C-Clip
  • 8.8” Ford C-Clip

RSRT-StopTech Brochure - Back Cover - 1000pix_1.jpg



Want to learn more?  Watch the Video HERE.


For Answers to Your Questions ... or to Order Your StopTech Brake Package:

Contact Ron Sutton direct:
Phone: (844) 722-3832 Ext 3
Email: Click Here

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