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Cuthbertson Wins Sunday Fontana Autocross with Speedtech & Ron Sutton
2017/3/3 14:40

Cuthbertson Wins Sunday Fontana Autocross with Speedtech & Ron Sutton

cutherbertsonsm2.jpgSACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA (April 8, 2017) –
The highly successful ExtReme subframe prepared in partnership between Ron Sutton Race Technology and Speedtech continues to bear fruit, with Mike Cuthbertson recently picking up another autocross victory in his 1968 Camaro. Cuthbertson won the Sunday portion of the NCMA-sanctioned event on April 2nd in the parking lot of Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

Cuthbertson was busy competing in both the SCCA ProSolo and NCMA events on the same weekend across the parking lot from each other. In both instances, he battled with some of the same stiff competition. His newly vinyled blue entry competes in the Classic Muscle category in the NCMA and in the Index T division in ProSolo. The blue car has gained the moniker #killersmurf from fellow competitors.

"The car is night and day from before," Cuthbertson said. "I am now driving by the feel by seat of my pants to feel various aspects of the car. The driver is always the ceiling! I'm not afraid to admit that this season will be about fine tuning the driver. The car is really close to being dialed and it is going to be a monster when my abilities match the car."

Although he finished just outside of the trophies in ProSolo he was much stronger in the longer layout that was presented for the NCMA competitors. Cuthbertson found his comfort level was stronger on the clockwise course the NCMA used on Sunday, after running second on Saturday in the counterclockwise direction. The ProSolo layout was a unique head-to-head duel with the right side in clockwise and left side in counter clockwise direction.

Cuthbertson grabbed hold of the NCMA circuit on Sunday and took the class win. The win matches Cuthbertson's NCMA victory last September as well at Fontana.

"We're just now starting to get the new Extreme suspensions with my geometry & setups on track," Sutton said. "Jay Weir won his first 3 events when they brought the truck out. Michael won his first autocross just days after finishing his car. We have a LOT of client cars being built with these front frames & full frames. We're going to see a lot more of these in Winner's Circle."

Cuthberson's Camaro had its subframe installed by PCH Rods. He utilizes Ridetech shocks with Ron Sutton's trademarked Track-Star Secret Sauce valving. Cuthbertson also has taken advantage of Ron Sutton’s suspension setup optimization service as well.

His victory last September was "out of the box" on the new setup along with only about a season of previous racing experience. Cuthbertson has backed up that performance already with additional experience under his belt including a top-five in the season opener for ProSolo in January.

Cuthbertson added a rear sway bar in 2017 and had to readjust to new suspension concepts and coaching for Sutton. The car gained a "loose" condition that required heavier rear spring rates to compensate. He will also be adding the Track-Star Secret Sauce valving for his rear shocks before his next event.

"I was struggling with wrapping my head around going to a heavier spring rate," Cuthbertson said. "On Saturday I was thinking about what the car was doing so I added some rear compression and it felt better."

"It's great seeing Michael run up front immediately with this modern design & my setup help. He was good, but hadn't won before," Sutton said. "Now he's a constant front runner & contender. As he gets more seat time and we dial in his car even better, he'll be winning even more. The key was getting away from old, outdated designs & setups ... and onto modern, cutting edge designs & setups."

Cuthbertson has his sights set squarely on the LS Fest, May 5-7 in Las Vegas, NV. For more information on Ron Sutton Race Technology, visit them online at


Ron Sutton Race Technology is a one-stop resource for winning car building or improving performance for Autocross, Road Course Track Days & Pro Touring Cars. Ron offers suspension, brake & aerodynamic optimization services, complete chassis/suspension designs, cutting edge suspension packages, consulting services, books, workshops & an online store with 600 brands & over 90,000 parts.

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