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Drive Junky LS Drive System
2014/7/1 14:10
DJ_LS_Photo_Frame___Small.jpgInnovative LS Drive System Solves Several Problems

When I was looking for LS engine accessory drive systems to run on serious engines used for autocross & track days, I was greatly disappointed. Some were all bling and came with poor quality components. Several were import crap. Some were made with "slightly better" quality components, but still came up short for engines being spun to 7000+ RPM.

I saw a few made "ok" ... but in trying to hit a price point ... they'd have name brand parts, but the bearings on the idlers were low grade, the power steering pumps were stock & the design was all wrong. Many utilize the stock damper. Not ok for higher rpm engines & where you have some serious dough invested in the engine. These engines need a Fluiddamper or ATI Superdamper.


For autocross & track day participants ... the two biggest problems with most all LS drive systems are ...

1. The belt doesn't have enough "wrap" around the power steering pump pulley.
So in hard driving situations ... especially autocross ... you get "pump skip" also known as "belt skip". When you work the steering hard & fast ... the pump sees very high pressure spikes in the 1100-1600 psi range. If the belt only has 20° - 50° of contact ... even 90° of contact ... the force inside the pump exceeds the grip of the belt. So the belt skips on the power steering pump ... and the driver prays all he/she hits is cones.

2. The 2nd biggest problem with most brands of LS accessory drive systems come with basically rebuilt stock power steering pumps that do not produce the volume needed ... nor can they handle the pressure generated by the loads we put on them. As you add bigger tires in the front 275's ... 295's ... 315's & bigger ... that puts more load on the entire steering system. The pressure spikes get higher. The rack or box can't operate properly without proper volume & pressure handling capacity from the power steering pump. Stock or Reman power steering pumps don't cut it.


Beginning of a solution ...
While walking around SEMA last year, I came across a small booth with an LS engine display ... to show the accessory drive system. It was nice. Very nice! I'm not talking "bling nice" ... but it did look good.

By "Very Nice" ... I mean it had:
A. The right water pump we needed, the 2-piece Edelbrock Victor aluminum pump.
B. A real racing power steering pump from Jones Racing, which I've used for years with great success.
C. A TIG welded aluminum P/S reservoir mounted on the pump ... baffled to prevent slosh & foaming of the power steering fluid.
D. 170 Amp Powermaster Alternator
E. Strong, well designed idler & tensioner mechanisms & pulleys.
F. An ATI Superdamper to protect the crank.

The owner wasn't in the booth at the time, but this was so important, I came back the next day & met with the owner, Zach Schary. He explained the material used, 6061-T6, all CNC machined in America, starting from larger stock for better end design. This costs more, but the end design & strength is better.

As he discussed the twin bearings ... of ultra high precision ... used in the idlers ... I knew this guy "got it." Those bearings cost 5-6 times what the bearings cost that are used in all other brands. Most people don't know about this ... so they don't ask ... and the typical drive systems come with cheap Chinese bearings. Zach's philosophy, design & component choices were all focused on quality, performance & durability in the harsh conditions track rats put on them.


The Solution Comes Together ...
The Drive Junky system was almost perfect. Almost. The only flaw was low percentage of belt wrap around the power steering pump. After SEMA, we collaborated on a design change to fix that. Now, the power steering pump has OVER 180° of belt wrap on the pulley. So does the A/C if you want that option.

This is now officially the best LS drive system I've seen. It solves all of the issues hardcore Pro Touring cars put on the accessories & belt drive system. It achieves everything we need from a LS engine drive system ... including a real racing power steering pump, twin fan-high amp alternator, top quality Edelbrock water pump & Sanden A/C compressor (if optioned that way) ... as well as 20,000 rpm bearings, ARP Hardware, strong mechanicals & precision to handle 7000-8000 rpm engines.

Autocross? No more pump skip.
Running big front tires? No more pump issues.
Revving your to 7000+? No more bearing or component failures.
Have a quality/expensive engine? Protected with a ATI Superdamper.


Want it to still look great? Easy Peasy. You can see the great style, and it's available in:
* Brushed Aluminum
* Polished Aluminum
* Black Hard Anodize over Polished Aluminum
* Black Hard Anodize over Brushed Aluminum.

This is the real deal, top of the line, no worries drive system of LS engines. It IS more expensive than others ... but not by much.

This "high belt wrap" version is available 2 ways & 4 finishes:
* Complete as Described with A/C Compressor - $2799
* Complete as Described without A/C Compressor - $2499


Introductory Offer! Save $200 on Either Version - Your Choice of Finishes.
So the first 10 units in this Introductory promo get this top line system for:
* Complete as Described with A/C Compressor - $2599
* Complete as Described without A/C Compressor - $2299

For more information on this Drive Junky LS Drive System – Contact Ron Sutton Race Technology:
Phone: (916) 834-8051
Address: 11374 Amalgam Way, Suite K, Gold River, CA 95670

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