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Next Chapter in Motorsports
2013/10/25 13:00

Small_Ron_Sutton.jpgRon Sutton Shifting Focus with New Projects in 2014

The coming year will be an interesting & busy one for Ron Sutton. After taking a year off from motorsports in 2013, Ron will be launching five projects in 2014.

Ron said, “I have wanted to write a series of books for years, but just never had the time. The last eight years of running nine race teams, a driver development program, working with Cup Teams, operating our retail & track race parts stores … have kept my plate more than full. After closing the race operation I took a year to relax, start writing books and planning the projects in my next chapter of motorsports.”

Med_Ron_Sutton_Drag_Car.jpgRon Sutton started racing oval, drag & road racing in the 70's at a young age. From 1979-1987, Ron Sutton Race Engineering did chassis design & building along with professional race engine research & development.  Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle was born in 1988, committed to winning races in almost every form of road racing from Karts & Formula Fords to GT1 and oval track from open wheel Midgets, Sprints & Modifieds to all forms of Stock Cars. 

Med_Romano_Focus_Champ.jpgAfter winning 85 races as a driver, Ron stopped driving & started developing drivers in 1999.  This grew into the most comprehensive driver development program in the U.S. with 29 topics of training classes taught by a wide range of experts from across the country, 12 veteran driver coaches, 30 winning race teams & relationships with the top Cup teams in stock car racing, who Ron still works with today. 

He has worn many hats in motorsports from winning driver, crew chief, race car designer, suspension designer, Med_Ron_Sutton_9.jpgtuner-for-hire, driver coach, multi-car race team owner, sponsor consultant, trainer & author.

His associates know him as a unique balance of old school values, cutting edge design & technology and a fierce commitment to winning. His close friends also know his passion for life, family, fun & telling crazy, funny, life stories.  At the end of the day he is just a “car guy” that loves the people & competition in motorsports. 

Med_RCF_Mod__4__21b.jpg“I’m currently writing the first book in a series of five automotive technical performance design & tuning books.  The first one on all the key fundamentals of chassis set-up &suspension tuning.  All are being written with car guys in mind, that want to learn.  The first book covers everything on  chassis geometry & set-up, suspension tuning and the keys to fielding winning track cars.  My strength is talking in car guy language versus engineer speak.  I'm launching the first of the five planned books in 2014. Then I'm looking to publish one new book each year for the next 5 years,” stated Ron.

Med_F2000_Thomas_Merrill_2.jpgA second project for Ron will be returning to conducting chassis & suspension workshops that will include a few key guest speakers also.  The first year, Ron has just one workshop planned on the West Coast at a date and location yet to be determined. Then Ron plans to add some venues around the country at select car events in coming years. 

Med_FF_Mike_Hill.jpgThird, and probably the biggest project, is launching an online parts & tech support business.  Ron is adamant is saying, “it is parts and technical support direct from me.

There are a lot of parts companies.  But getting to talk with someone … anyone … with true, advanced race car knowledge & experience … is very rare.  I’m not interested in simply selling parts. I want to help car guys learn … get the right stuff the first time … and improve the performance of their cars to an exponential level.”

Ron continued, “I will be the direct contact.  No counter sales person or order takers … just me … and a powerful online parts store.  So, I’m not looking for a high volume of customers.  I want to work with guys that can really benefit from my 35 years of designing & building winning race cars.” 

Med_BMR_Nascar_2.jpgWho’s that?

  • Hardcore Pro-Touring, Street & Track Car Guys
  • Car Builders, Home Fabricators & Race Shops
  • Racers & Teams - from Grassroots to the Pros

Med_Joey_Licata_Daytona.jpgAnyone who knows Ron know he is not the best guy to advise you on air conditioning duct trim rings.  But if you want to make your Race Car, Track Car or hardcore Pro Touring Car perform better … Ron is your guy. 

“I enjoy working with car guys that are serious about improving their on-track performance. I’m already helping several guys with their chassis & suspension projects that range from autocross to road racing and from hardcore street machines to oval racing and road course track cars. It is very fun & rewarding,” commented Ron.

Med_Bobby_Grewohl_Indy_Ligh.jpgRon says, “I love teaching & helping people make their cars perform better. Whether it’s through my books, workshops or helping a guy over the phone with his cam profile or suspension geometry, I love it. This is my passion.” If you want to talk directly with a “car guy” that designs, builds & tunes winning race cars … to almost 500 personal wins … and countless wins for his clients … starting April 2014, you be able to work directly with Ron Sutton on your project. 

Med_Ron_Sutton_5.jpgAlong with offering all the top quality products from over 600 brands, Ron's fourth project will be introducing his own line of advanced chassis & suspension packages for hardcore street and track cars.  Ron states, “I’m creating front & rear suspension packages that include all of my state-of-the art modern suspension designs & geometry.  These won’t be for the bolt-on street guy or everyday driver.  These are for the hardcore car guy that puts ultimate track performance & winning at the top of the priority list … and NVH is not on the priority list anywhere. Fab work will be required, but all the design & geometry are spot on in complete packages.”  

Med_Sam_Schmidt_Indy_Lights.jpgThese complete suspension packages … will be custom tailored for each car & its goals.  Ron added, “I will work with each car owner and/or builder to design a suspension to achieve optimum track performance for their specific car project. Everything gets taken into account.” Be it autocross, long distance speed runs like Silver State Challenge, road course track car or all around street performance, these packages will outperform.  

Med__RSRT_57_Street_Warrior.jpgThe fifth exciting project for Ron Sutton to unveil in 2014 is a new design of car … in two versions ... the Track Warrior & the Street Warrior. They are built semi-custom for each owner and come complete "turn key" ready to blaze the track. Both are hardcore, multi-purpose cars for the ultimate in driving fun. The Track Warrior is just that ... a cutting edge design track car that is bad fast, easy to drive and very unique. The Street Warrior is street drivable, yet ultra competitive for road course track days, long distance speed runs, autocross and even drag racing. 

Yes ... these cars are designed to be that versatile & kick ass in all of them.  The cars are light … around 2800# … and powerful.  The base engines produce 600 hp, with 20 optional engines up to 1000 hp. Couple that with 10 transmission choices, conventional or paddle shifted, latest technology suspensions, significant downforce, awesome braking power along with huge 13” tires on all four corners ... these Warriors are meant to perform.  

Street___Track_Warrior_2.jpgThe chassis design features all of Ron’s tricks that have gone into his winning race cars. It is a smart combination of Trans Am/GT suspension, light but rigid tube chassis, impressive tunability plus major safety design & features.  The suspension strategy is modern technology high front travel, low roll angle.  The bodies are super smooth, aerodynamic & feature proven high downforce aerodynamics.

The icing on the cake is … the Street Warrior & Track Warrior cars will be offered in over 40 different classic Chevy, Ford & Mopar muscle car body styles from the 50's to modern day (fiberglass or steel).  Street Warrior #1 on the left is a scaled down, aero smooth, fiberglass '57 Chevy styled body. Just imagine a 900 hp, 6-speed, modern GT/Trans Am race car in a 2700# '57 Chevy package.  These cars offer a very unique, cutting edge, cool pro touring style … in an easy to drive fast, safe race car package. 

Stay tuned for updates & launches coming in 2014!



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