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Ignite Brand Ethanol Racing Fuels Offer Benefits for Modifieds
2012/9/12 16:30

ignite.jpgIgnite Brand Ethanol Racing Fuels Offer Benefits for Modifieds

SACRAMENTO, CA- Star Racing Supply and Ignite Ethanol Racing Fuels collaborate to bring a new level of Ethanol fuel to the West Coast. Star Racing Supply is the new home for housing Ignite Ethanol Racing Fuels for Modified racers in northern California. The American company, Ignite Ethanol Racing Fuels, can provide the racer many benefits from faster lap times to conserving fuel on race day.

Ignite Racing Fuels are a family of ethanol blended fuels designed and blended specifically for racing.  Unlike many race fuel companies Ignite is 100% American and only makes fuels for competition. 

ignite_108a.jpgUsing the highest quality raw ethanol, Ignite produces consistently blended fuels metered by hand on every batch to insure that racers receive the same high quality blends every barrel, every time.  Ignite produces four specific unleaded and oxygenated formulas so that every customer has the right option and the correct fuel for their power plant and racing application.

Ignite Green is designed for racers who want the very best in performance and value. Specially formulated for mid to high compression engines, Ignite Green produces 108 octane for substantial cost savings compared to foreign based racing fuels. With the cooling effects of alcohol and the clean burning nature of a bio-fuel, Ignite Green is the natural choice for peak performance. Ignite Green is not E85 and like Ignite Red uses higher ethanol percentages to give racers the edge. 

ignite_114a.jpgIgnite Red is the ultimate in high performance ethanol fuels.  Designed for high performance big blocks and/or high boost turbo or supercharged applications, Ignite Red allows you to take an engine to the absolute limits. Scientifically designed to work in high pressure combustion chambers environments, Ignite Red produces 114 octane and like all Ignite fuels provides value with high performance.  With the extreme cooling effects of ethanol, Ignite Red allows turbocharged engines to even run with the waste gate closed, while producing more horsepower than petroleum based fuels.

Med__21_Star_Mod.jpg"We tested the Ignite brand ethanol racing fuels on track & on the dyno, in our 410" Modified engines.  We found three major benefits. The first being a better power curve with a lot less bottom end torque and huge gains in top end power. The second benefit was the drivers said the power curve is much more drivable and suitable for short track oval racing than methanol and more powerful than racing gasoline. 

Lap times proved to be quicker.  Lastly, and this is big, the fuel mileage gain is huge over methanol.  It takes a lot less fuel to run the same number of laps ... about 45% less than Methanol.  Modified racers can start with less fuel if needed, reduce unwanted rear weight percentage that makes these cars loose on entry and see less front-to-rear weight change over the course of a race.  I was expecting a small change, but it is a dramatic difference in every area.  The fuel costs more per gallon, but you use about 45% less.  I estimate we spend 5-10% less for fuel, plus we see huge handling and power gains that would cost a lot of money to achieve any other way," stated Ron Sutton. 

Star Racing Supply, the Modified headquarters for Northern California, is the official source for Goodyear tires as well as for Ignite Ethanol Racing Fuels with E108 & E114 in stock. Star Racing Supply offers a full line of Modified and Stock Car chassis and parts including Howe, Port City, Racecar Factory, Hyperco, Draco, Swift, Eibach, QA1, Fuel Safe and many more. Star Racing Supply offers a full race car fabrication shop, plus all the parts and materials to build, race and maintain Stock Car and Modified race cars. Star Racing Supply can ship anywhere on the west coast.

For new & used cars, parts or supplies visit Star Racing Supply at located at 8581 Younger Creek Drive, Sacramento, CA 95828 or call (916) 914-1284. Star Racing Supply is the Stockton 99 Track Vendor, with a physical store at the track providing racers with a real store at the track carrying over 500 brands of racing parts & supplies.

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